Wow, what a way to end our “Off The FLOOR” interview series last night, with the fabulous Karen Hardy. It was definitely a motivating and inspiring interview with her and the feedback received overnight has been truly wonderful and humbling.

We have had such an amazing time bringing you these weekly interviews and we must say a huge thank you firstly to the Professionals who took on the challenge and allowed us to interview them, those being;

  • Week 1 – Anna Longmore & Julie Jones
  • Week 2 – Madeleine Zoanetti, Sigurdur Sigurdsson & Annalisa Zoanetti
  • Week 3 – Larry & Kerry Clarke
  • Week 4 – Shane Hocking & Kym Smith
  • Week 5 – Alan & Donna Shingler
  • Week 6 – Nathan Meyers & Meagen Alderton
  • Week 7 – Adele Hyland AM & Tony Gauci
  • and finally, the fabulous Karen Hardy.

Without these amazing Professionals in our industry, we could not have gone ahead with these interviews, so thank you again.

Finally, to everyone who logged in each week to view and listen to these interviews during this COVID ISO period, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It has been wonderful to keep in touch during these times with you all and hopefully be able to keep you all inspired to get back into the studio as soon as you all can. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments on any of the interviews, please drop us an email to

From both Jason and Brent at Outside Change, a huge thank you all once again.