Master Classes

Announcement of our 2021 Master Classes and Private Lessons with International Adjudicators, will be announced later in 2020.

Thank you to all those who have attended all of the previous Masters Classes with our international guests over the years.

2016 – Charlotte Jorgensen (USA) & Luka Fanni (Italy)

2017 – Anthony Hurley (UK) & Karen Hardy (UK)

2018 – Angelo Madonia (Italy) & Karen Hardy (UK)

2019 – Karen Hardy (UK) & Hanna Karttunen (Finland)

All of our wonderful Master Classes have all been simply amazing, and the response of over 100 participants each year really did blow us away. Please enjoy some photos from some of the master classes.

Luke Fanni (Italy) & Charlotte Jorgensen (USA) 2016
Angelo Madonia (Italy) Master Class 2018
Anthony Hurley with Anna Longmore 2017
Karen Hardy (UK) Master Class 2017
Karen Hardy (UK) 2017 Master Class with the Boys
Anthony Hurley (UK) 2017 Master Class Tango