Some Testimonials from the First Outside Change Cup & Freedom To Dance Ball 2016.

A Truly SPECIAL Event Outside Change Cup ! 
I have been in this business for 49 years and this will be one memory that will stay with me forever. Every little special detail covered. Being welcomed at the door by the organizers at opening time and then walk in to this magnificent BALLROOM 
In the Evening this was truly magical. I think everyone was treated so special during the day and night and made to feel very welcomed indeed. The table settings where amazing. A HUGE big thank you to Jason & Erin on great new event. For your 1st Competition amazing. Brent I know you have been there guiding them both and all your very special details and gifts brought tears to my eyes and warmth to my heart. Running competitions are a huge job to take on but to also add so much detail this is so special . Thank you ! To the team who assisted the organizers you where all amazing and a very important part of this events success. Very hard to name you all but great job guys. Thanks to all the dancers for putting on a great show last night. I am sure you all felt very special in such a beautiful Ballroom and also such beautiful music/ thanks Russell we know you care so much ! A great day and night and a must for your dancing 2017 calendar. Thanks again Jason Erin Brent and your team.

Kerry Clarke – Former British Professional Rising Star Latin Champion

Well well well… I wake this morning and would like to share my dream last night I had with you all….I dreamt that I was doing the music for this comp that was being held in a magical wonderland and the prince and princess of the ballroom greeted all their guests at the door and chauffeured them all to their seats… then in such unbelievable detail they proceeded to display to all those from near & far that were lucky enough to be invited to witness the spectacle by way of invitation…. were treated to something that will be never ever be surpassed as far as the land can see…..To ERIN & JASON, BRENT and team……I feel utterly honored to even have been considered to assist you in supporting this inaugural event…the attention to detail for this event, I feel will never be matched in any dancesport competition that I have ever witnessed or will witness…..Congratulations must go to you and your team. The only outside cup “CHALLENGE” now going forward will be for anyone to even come close to outdoing what was witnessed last night….IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN….All I can say to those that were unfortunate to not have been there last night….. I would be booking my tickets for next year NOW….I have a feeling this event will become truly exclusive and you will not be able to get tickets to it because of the limited table seating and surely immense popularity…

Russell Mayberry – Former Australian Amateur & Professional New Vogue Champion

The 1st Outside Change Cup.. Unique experience. . FANTASTIC organization, Beautiful venue, Magic Atmosphere… Every detail Music, light, food.. All Great!! Our Dancing world needs more of this Glamour Back!!! Congratulations Guys and thank you for this UNFORGETTABLE NIGHT!!!

Luka Fanni (Italy)