Final “Off The FLOOR” Interview


This coming Thursday, 4th June 2020, we will be conducting our final “Off The FLOOR” interviews in this series, with none other than the fabulous Karen Hardy of the UK.

Karen is the most superb way to end this first series for us, as this week was meant to be the week of the 5th Outside Change Cup which we had to cancel due to COVID-19. Karen was one of our guest adjudicators for 2020 and has now become a regularly for us at the Outside Change Cup.

To get your log in details for Thursdays interview with Karen Hardy, please email us at before 7PM (AEST) or 9PM New Zealand on Thursday 4th June.

Karen completes this series which consisted of

WEEK 1 – Anna Longmore, Julie Jones & Jason Beaman

WEEK 2 – Sigurdur Sigurdsson, Annalisa Zoanetti & Madeleine Zoanetti

WEEK 3 – Larry & Kerry Clarke

WEEK 4 – Shane Hocking & Kym Smith

WEEK 5 – Alan & Donna Shingler

WEEK 6 – Nathan Meyers & Meagen Alderton

WEEK 7 – Tony Gauci & Adele Hyland AM