KERRIE BOURKE – Victoria
In the past 10 years I have been taking DanceSport photos and found I have had a different vision to others taking photos.
As of 2015 I decided try out other styles of photography as well and I hope you like what you see.
I enjoy taking photos, I love getting the emotion and passion of the Dancers as they perform.
I do hope you enjoy my photos just as much as I do taking them.Please visit Kerries website at:
Simon has been involved in dancing since 2005, as a student, competitor and teacher. He has always had an interest in photography, and this took on a new life in 2013 through study at university. In 2014, he realised that he could take his knowledge and passion for the two and combine them, and so, in 2015 Feather Finish Photography was born. Covering any kind of dance event, from studio achievement/medal days through to the Australian Championships, Simon gets a thrill from capturing the moment in each dance, and for each couple, both on and off the floor.Please visit Simon’s website at:
  NITSIA LIONIS – Australian Capital Territory
Lionis Photography was established in 2009, based out of Canberra, Nitsia Lionis the owner of Lionis Photography started photographing at Ballroom Dance competitions in the NSW and ACT region. “My love of dance photography started as result of a request from my dance instructor to photograph and create a calendar for the studio, My aim when covering a competition is to shoot the movement of dance and emotions of the dancers out on the floor”
Please visit Nitsia’s website at:
I’ve always been keen on photography, but it became a passion 11 years ago when my daughters became involved in ballroom dancing.
I find every competition is unique. From different lighting, vantage points, number of competitors on the floor etc, the challenge to get the perfect shot is as exciting for me as dancing a good routine is for any dancer. I love the day after a competition, sitting at my computer for hours, reviewing and editing the photos, looking for that special shot, or one that I can play with and personalise ie. create interesting black and white images. If anyone is interested in any photographs please feel free to contact me, via my facebook page “Camella Camenzuli Photography” where I will be posting my dance photos from now on. There is no charge involved. At present old competition photos are on my Facebook page.
  ROD LAY – New Zealand
Rod Lay has been a Dancesport photographer for Ten years and was inspired to take up photography by his three children who all danced competitively.  Rod is the principal of PointView Photography in New Zealand, which specialises in Dancesport photography with a particular focus on NZ dancers competing locally and abroad.  He has shot Dancesport events in New Zealand, Australia, China and the USA.  PointView Photography has been the official photographer of the NZ Open Dancesport Championships since 2009.To see Rod’s website and all of his wonderful photo’s from the danceSport scene in New Zealand, please head to
  KAREN DAVISON – Victoria
I’ve been a keen photographer of dancing now for about 14 years. What I love about shooting Dancesport in particular is the mixture of dynamic and reserved, passionate and tender, calm and energetic. I love watching and documenting someone’s development and progression up the ranks. Plus the bling factor counts for something too.Time shooting Dancesport: 10 years
First comp shoot: 2008 ADS Championships
Bucket list comp: Blackpool (one day it will happen)
Favourite quote: Be yourself: everyone else is taken.
To see Karen’s website and all of her wonderful photo’s from the DanceSport scene in Australia, please head to:
VC PHOTOGRAPHY – Western Australia

 Call 0408 018 168