75th Australian DanceSport Championship


The 75th Australian DanceSport Championship organised by the Australian Dancing Society (ADS) on the weekend of 4,5,6 March 2022 was a huge success. The whole TEAM at the ADS shouldbe congratulated on putting together a fabulous event in Bendigo which so many who attended enjoyed thoroughly.

The champions of the major events for the 75th Australian Championships 2021/22 are:

Professional Standard & New Vogue: Jared Parnell & Ashley Payet (Victoria)

Professional Latin: Sigurdur Sigurdsson & Annalisa Zoanetti (Iceland)

Amateur Standard: Alan Tentser & Emily Zhang (Victoria)

Amateur New Vogue: Nicholas Mountain & Stefania Olivieri (NSW)

Amateur Latin: Thabang Baloyi & Chang wan (New South Wales)

Under 21 all 3 styles: Samuel Brown & Berkley Wood (Victoria)

Masters 1 Standard & New Vogue: Matt McMahon & Belinda Kendrick (Victoria)

Masters 1 Latin: Sean Heiford & Sharron Weight (Victoria)

Masters 2 Standard & New Vogue: Michael & Roslyn Cocks (Victoria)

Masters 2 Latin: Peter Cooper & Jane Conway (Victoria)

Masters 3 Standard & New Vogue: Michael O’Reilly & Lilly Huang (New South Wales)

Masters 3 Latin: Michael Maguire & Christine Searle (Quuensland)

Masters 4 Standard: Duncan Meyer & Glenda Jacobs (Queensland)

Masters 4 New Vogue: Paul & Vicki Raleigh (Victoria)

Masters 4 Latin: Jurriaan & Linda Aykens (Victoria)

Junior Standard & New Vogue: Aleksander Hughes & Angelina Huynh (Victoria)

Junior Latin: Justin Wang & Amy Yao (Victoria)

Juvenile Standard: Nikolai Yanochkin & Diana Shtengelova (Queensland)

Juvenile New Vogue: Ethan & Gisel Taylor (Victoria)

Juvenile Latin: Eric Ding & Tiffany Zhou (Victoria)