2018 OC Cup Articles & Write Ups

The 3rd Outside Change Cup by Anthony Hurley (UK).

I was delighted to be invited once again to this year’s Outside Change Cup. At the same time I wondered if the organisers Jason and Erin together with their dedicated team of Brent, Anna and backroom volunteers could match or even surpass the 2017 presentation. I need not have worried as I am once again delighted to record an even greater success. With larger entries in most events an even larger audience in attendance the beautiful Victorian ballroom was full by 8.30 in the morning. I still find these early starts are amazing but it shows how keen the competitors are that they are beautifully dressed and prepared to pit their skills at such an early hour.

The comperes Laurie & Dianne Peterson opened the proceedings and kept the entire day running to time. Their presentation and clarity of announcements keeps everyone well informed.

The day commenced with the New Vogue style followed by the ballroom and  Latin American. The twenty three adjudicators worked in three panels under the chairmanship of Larry Clarke.

This year attracted 219 couples and it was wonderful to see such good support from New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong plus many interstate couples. It was noted however that more home grown couples could have danced and supported an event that embraces Freedom to Dance and provides the very best in competition dancing. An atmospheric ballroom good floor and superb music provided once again by Russell Mayberry who never played any disco type music for our beautiful styles of dancing THANK YOU Russell.

The long day session of qualifying rounds came to a close at 4.45 pm it is then when everyone vacates the ballroom it is then quickly transformed into a movie type setting with all tables dressed to welcome the evening diners with a Complimentary choice of wines at the bottom of the stairs. They had of course returned to witness and support their favourites in some semi- finals and finals.  The standard of the finals was very good and gave the adjudicators many difficult decisions before the lucky winners were announced.

The last part of the day was to enjoy the dinner. An appetising menu and selection of complimentary wines that I am sure was applauded by everyone. During and after the dinner we all enjoyed lots of general dancing that everyone enjoyed to the full. Probably the wine helped.

So another successful Outside Change Cup and Freedom to Dance Ball came to a close.

Once again I must congratulate Jason & Erin and their devoted team for not only presenting a wonderful day of competition dancing and the elegant social ball & dinner but a day that Australian dancers both amateurs and professionals alike should be proud of and make it a promise to support the 2019 presentation.

On a personal note, in all the years I have travelled the world to adjudicate I have never been so well looked after, their hospitality left no stone unturned.

Anthony Hurley

3rd Outside Change Cup & Freedom To Dance Ball by Organiser, Jason Beaman

On behalf of the whole Outside Change Team, we would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of those who supported this years Outside Change Cup.  An event like this could not possibly happen without the wonderful sponsors, spectators, adjudicators, volunteers and most of all the competitors who made this years event the best one to date.

The Doors opened at 8am with the first event taking the floor at 8.30am sharp, a very tight program was scheduled and the wonderful floor marshalls of Georgia Kerton, Peter Wessner, Corey Pedersen and Chayanne Smith did a great job keeping everyone in line and on time with no yelling or screaming at anyone which made the experience for all the marshalling area a very pleasant one.  Thank you to Bec Toal for your guidance and support in this area, it was very much appreciated by all in attendance.

Laurie & Dianne Peterson are a fabulous team of compare’s who really made sure that our needs as organisers were met, the program stayed on time and of course adding their own professional knowledge along the way.  The music was supplied by Russell Mayberry of Dynamic Dance Sound who played some awesome musical all day and evening, the Adult Open competitors really enjoying the Blackpool music in their events which added to the atmosphere in the superb Plaza Ballroom.

The day session started with the New Vogue style, with the New Vogue judging panel consisting of Viktoria Morgan and Kingsley Gainsford from New Zealand, Adele Hyland and Brad Dawes from New South Wales, Mark Wilson from Queensland and from Victoria, Lecia Putland, Brent Olifent, Larry Clarke, Norma Connelly-Ellis and Don McRobert.  The New Vogue and Ballroom styles alternated throughout the morning session, finishing including presentations at approx 1:45pm. 

The Ballroom adjudicators consisted of Anthony Hurley (UK), Karen Hardy (UK), Angelo Madonia (Italy), John Tan (Singapore), Natalie Perry (QLD), Anna Longmore, Brent Olifent, Adam Blakey, Katusha Volgina and Kym Smith. 

2pm the Latin events commenced after the presentations of all the Ballroom and New Vogue events were done which meant it was a nice early finish for those not dancing the Latin and a late start for those doing Latin only.  The Latin Judges were Anthony Hurley (UK), Karen Hardy (UK), Angelo Madonia (Italy), John Tan (Singapore), Kingsley Gainsford (New Zealand), Alarna Donovan, Julie Jones, Kerry Clarke, Kym Smith, David Byrnes and Meagen Alderton. 

The day session concluded at 4:45pm with the Ballroom having to be cleared for doors opening at 6.30pm for the Freedom To Dance Ball.  The Ball being a Black Tie, Red Carpet event, the Plaza Ballroom is transformed to a candlelit atmospheric old world charm Ballroom.  As you walk in to the Ballroom, all the guests are greeted by the wait staff with a choice of Red or White Wine, Champagne or soft drink on entry which is a lovely touch.  Guests then move to their tables for a night of great food and beverages, fabulous dancing and socialising with our peers in the industry which is really never done in the competition world.  

The night session started at 7pm with the introduction of some VIP Guests, and the adjudicating panel and after a quick group photo it was straight on with the semi final round of the Amateur Latin which was definitely a highlight of the days dancing and a great way to open the Freedom To Dance Ball.

The second session of finals commenced with the 3 Professional couples from the day session performing an honours dance to say thank you for their support.  All three couples received first place prize money and all in attendance enjoyed the three numbers provided by Daniel & Kirstin Wilks (New Zealand), Barry & Vanessa Davy and Craig Monley & Sriani Argaet.  Four finals were danced with results and honour dances directly after each final and then on to Entrée before the second group of finals took to the floor.  After the second group of finals were done with presentations and honour dances, plus the Lady Of Elegance, Most Dynamic Male and the DanceSurance Outside Change Cup awards, it was on to the main course and then plenty of social dancing until the close of the event at 11:30pm. 

It was great to see the New Zealand group growing from last year with their annual picture on the stairs of the Plaza Ballroom, this has now turned in to a must for the New Zealand competitors and families who attend the Outside Change Cup and we are forever greatful for the wonderful support.

The champions for the 3rd Outside Change Cup were as follows:

DanceSurance Outside Change Cup:         Michael & Roslyn Cocks (Victoria)

Lady Of Elegance:                                        Danielle Devine (Victoria)

Most Dynamic Male:                                   Mathew Nicholson (New South Wales)

Professional New Vogue:                             Daniel & Kirstin Wilks (New Zealand)

Professional Latin:                                        Craig Monley & Sriani Argaet (Victoria)

Adult Open Ballroom:                                   Julian Tsotsos & Sheree Selemba (Victoria)

Adult Open New Vogue:                              Jaxon Putland & Nicola Foxwell (Victoria)

Adult Open Latin:                                         Mathew Nicholson & Wendy He (New South Wales)

Adult Rising Star Ballroom:                         Andrew Smith & Celeste Fisher (Victoria)

Adult Rising Star New Vogue:                      Jared Mizon & Lija Brutans (Victoria)

Adult Rising Star Latin:                                 Kevin Miller & Merisa Balic (Victoria)

Adult Rec Couples Ballroom:                       Nathaniel Bull & Tess Luscombe (Victoria)

Adult Rec Couples New Vogue:                  Nathaniel Bull & Tess Luscombe (Victoria)

Adult rec Couples Latin:                               Zeek Jackson & Mercedes Gaida (Victoria)

Under 21 Open Ballroom:                           Jaxon Putland & Nicola Foxwell (Victoria)

Under 21 Open New Vogue:                       Jaxon Putland & Nicola Foxwell (Victoria)

Under 21 Open Latin:                                   Carson Chen & Rebecca Liu (Victoria)

Under 21 Rising Star Ballroom:                  Kurtis Jolly & Ayumi Greene (New Zealand)

Under 21 Rising Star New Vogue:              Jacob Lepage & Jemma Lupton (Victoria)

Under 21 Rising Star Latin:                          Jack Korlaki & Melanie Xuereb (Victoria)

Under 16 Open Ballroom:                           Jarraed & Saffron South (Victoria)

Under 16 Open New Vogue:                       Sean Swanson & Ruby Cartner (Queensland)

Under 16 Open Latin:                                   Luis Ng & Christine Cher (Singapore)

Under 16 Rising Star Ballroom:                  Jarraed & saffron South (Victoria)

Under 16 Rising Star New Vogue:              Sean Swanson & Ruby Cartner (Queensland)

Under 16 Rising Star  Latin:                         Aidan & Ebony Falzon (Victoria)

Masters 1 Open Ballroom:                          Dean Anderson & Danielle Devine (Victoria)

Masters 1 Open New Vogue:                      Michael & Roslyn Cocks (Victoria)

Masters 1 Open Latin:                                 Dean Anderson & Danielle Devine (Victoria)

Masters 1 Rising Star Ballrom:                    Norton Lau & Karen Tangco (Singapore)

Masters 1 Rising Star New Vogue:             Andrew Wallis & Courtney Cella (Victoria)

Masters 1 Rising Star Latin:                         Norton Lau & Karen Tangco (Singapore)

Masters 1,2,3 Recreational Ballroom:      Joe Sango & Dena Radiansari (Victoria)

Masters 1,2,3 Recreational New Vogue: Joe Sango & Dena Radiansari (Victoria)

Masters 1,2,3 Recreational Latin:              tie; Joe Sango & Dena Radiansari and Antony Svasek & Janet Berwick

Masters 2 Open Ballroom:                         Peter McIver & Karan Bartlett (Victoria)

Masters 2 Open New Vogue:                     Michael & Roslyn Cocks (Victoria)

Masters 2 Open Latin:                                Xavier Serrallach & Barbara Thacker (New Zealand)

Masters 2/3 Rising Star Ballrom:               Chris & Monika Bruce (Victoria)

Masters 2/3 Rising Star New Vogue:        Craig Gobbi & Leigh Sullivan (Victoria)

Masters 2/3 Rising Star Latin:                    Edward Wong & Chenee Peh (Victoria)

Masters 3 Open Ballroom:                         Peter Verdolini & Susan Sun (Victoria)

Masters 3 Open New Vogue:                     Paul & Vicki Raleigh (Victoria)

Masters 3 Open Latin:                                Maurice & Lorraine Vallaro (Victoria)

Pro/Am 35 Years & Over

5 Dance Ballroom:           Rhett Salmon & Karyn Constable (NSW/QLD)

4 Dance Ballroom:           Michael Glikman & Lisa Wang (New South Wales)

3 Dance Ballroom:           Michael Glikman & Lisa Wang (New South Wales)

2 Dance Ballroom:           Richard Perry & Julie Longden (Queensland)

5 Dance New Vogue:      Blair Petterd & Jennifer Jones (VIC/QLD)

4 Dance New Vogue:      Blair Petterd & Jennifer Jones (VIC/QLD)

3 Dance New Vogue:      Shane Lawton & Cris Vajna (Victoria)

2 Dance New Vogue:      tie: Ken Pedersen & Yvette Rousseau and Shane Lawton & Yan Li

5 Dance Latin:                 Sergei Maksiuta & Eva Chen (Hong Kong)

4 Dance Latin:                 Sergei Maksiuta & Eva Chen (Hong Kong)

Pro/Am Under 35 Years

5 Dance Ballroom:           Shane Lawton & Charlee Stemp (Victoria)

4 Dance Ballroom:           Shane Lawton & Helen Kitching (Victoria)

3 Dance Ballroom:           Shane Lawton & Shawna Zhao (Victoria)

2 Dance Ballroom:           Conant Liu & Hiroko Kobayashi (Hong Kong)

5 Dance New Vogue:      Jacob Grech & Shannen Clarke (Victoria)

4 Dance New Vogue:      Jacob Grech & Shannen Clarke (Victoria)

3 Dance New Vogue:      Ken Pedersen & Anthea Pedersen (Victoria)

2 Dance New Vogue:      Shane Lawton & Gemma Terrill (Victoria)

4 Dance Latin:                 Ken Pedersen & Olivia O’Dempsey (Victoria)

3 Dance Latin:                 Ken Pedersen & Samantha Cardinalli (Victoria)

2 Dance Latin:                 Ken Pedersen & Jemma Lupton (Victoria)

Teacher/Student One Dance Events

WALTZ:                               Jovan Tan & Jenny Hu (Singapore)

TANGO:                              Alan Tentser & Sandra Hill

FOXTROT:                           Alan Tentser & Sandra Hill

QUICKSTEP:                       Michael Tomkins & Nikita Fisher

CAROUSEL:                        Justin Rafol & Renee Haggar

LUCILLE WALTZ:               Justin Rafol & Renee Haggar

SWING WALTZ:                 Shannen Clarke & Kathleen Zhang

LA BOMBA:                        Justin Rafol & Renee Haggar

CHA CHA:                           Justin Rafol & Renee Haggar

SAMBA:                               Shannen Clarke & Megan Jiang

RUMBA:                              Justin Rafol & Renee Haggar

JIVE:                                    Justin Rafol & Renee Haggar

Once again thank you to our wonderful sponsors;

Dance On Us Singapore, Albedor Industries, Dancewear For You, DanceSurance, Carty’s Earthworks, MarShere Dance Studios, Anna Longmore, Flight Centre, Sassi Dance, Kerrie Rolls Bourke Photography, Feather Finish Photography, Crown International Championship, Annalise Robertson and the ADS Bendigo Dancesport Classic.

We cannot go past thanking Brent Olifent and Anna Longmore who are our event consultants who have been by our sides 100% from day one and without them both this event would be much more difficult to organise.  To our Freedom To Dance leaders, Richard Gleave MBE, Anne Gleave and of course our Australian connection Mr Anthony Hurley, we hope we have done the Freedom To Dance organisation proud and a true TEAM spirit was felt by all in attendance on the day.  It is so very important for us all to remember in our slowly decreasing industry that TEAM is so very important. 


Together, Everyone, Achieves, More. 

This is something we feel is lacking so very much at this very moment in the Dancesport industry in this country, and would like to see it repaired somehow.    If we want to succeed in this industry in this country let alone on the world circuit, TEAM work is going to be so very important.  This is something that we ALL must remember.

So, thank you again and please put in your diary the date for the 4th Outside Change Cup and Freedom To Dance Ball, Sunday June 9, 2019.

If you want to book a table, please email us at Jason@outsidechange.com

We already have 8 of our tables booked for 2019.