Articles and Write Ups – 2017

Reflections on the 2017 Outside Change Cup

Anthony Hurley reflects

It is with great pleasure that I have the opportunity to reflect on this year’s presentation of the Outside Change Cup.

I was unable to be present last year but all the reports were glowing so it was with anticipation that I accepted the invitation to adjudicate this year.

The traditions of competition dancing are best seen in a true ballroom atmosphere, so it was a breathtaking moment for me to walk into the wonderful Plaza Ballroom resplendent in its Victorian splendour.  Immediately I was aware that the organisers Jason & Erin had found a new gem of a home for their event.  From the outset everyone was treated to splendid hospitality especially the adjudicators, it was nice to feel we were appreciated.

The morning albeit very early commenced with the adjudicators meeting where Jason as organiser together with the chairman Larry Clarke reminded us that we must judge without fear or favour and not be influenced by previous competitors results.  All events ran very smoothly and the Ipad system of adjudicating ensured the day ran exactly on time.

One of the highlights for me was the wonderful recorded music supplied by Russell Mayberry of Dynamic Dance sound.  His selection of music was the best I have heard for a long time.  He incorporated melodic tunes using the Blackpool Orchestra plus many traditional vocals that blended into the ballroom atmosphere and one could see how much the competitors appreciated the music, not to mention the toe tapping adjudicators.  All too often music suppliers choose inappropriate types of music in an attempt to be different.  We must always remember the various test dances arranged by our pioneers were designed to the appropriate music.  The afternoon session concluded at approximately 4pm which gave everyone comfortable time to change and prepare for the evening ball.

Upon returning to the ballroom everyone was welcomed by Jason and Erin another lovely touch, then to everyone’s surprise the Plaza staff were on hand to present everyone with a welcome glass of wine.  As we moved through the main ballroom everyone was moved by the beautiful table settings resplendent with candelabra’s underneath an umbrella of glowing chandeliers which provided a perfect setting for the 350 guests who sat down for dinner.

It was a final’s only evening and the competitors rose to the occasion and provided some excellent dancing for the audience to encourage.  After all the results were over it was gala time and everyone including myself enjoyed some social dancing and catching up on meeting friends old and new.

The menu choice was delicious and the wine flowed freely which highlighted the wonderful hospitality we had enjoyed all day.

I am sure everyone will agree this was a splendid day and our thanks once again to Jason and Erin and their very hard working team for promoting competition dancing in the best possible light.

Freedom to Dance means everyone is welcome and I would like to think that all professionals, their pupils and friends will support this type of high class promotion in the future.  It is this enthusiasm that may attract even more sponsorship something that we desperately need to furnish our future.  They are very costly to organise and they run them for the entire benefit of everyone connected to competition dancing.

Anthony Hurley

2nd Outside CHANGE Cup 2017 and Freedom To Dance Ball

The weekend of 10 and 11 June, 2017 witnessed the 2nd Outside CHANGE Cup Lecture/Workshop series and then the 2nd Outside CHANGE Cup and Freedom To Dance Ball.

Saturday 10 June at MarShere Dance Studios in Ferntree Gully, the Outside Change team held their 2nd annual lecture/workshop series this year with former World, British, UK, International and European Amateur and Professional Ballroom Champion, Mr Anthony Hurley who gave a superb lecture on the basic fundamentals and principles of the Ballroom style.  How to old your partner, how to touch, how to stand and how to move, with simple explanations and demonstrations shown throughout.  He was assisted by Anna Longmore and all 150 people in the room were very attentive, hanging on every word of which Mr Hurley spoke.  He commands the room with his knowledge of the art of Ballroom Dancing and we in this country are so very lucky to have him here.

The second lecture was given by former UK, International, European and World Cup Professional Latin Champion, the very energetic Karen Hardy.  Karen was so very inspiring in this workshop master class, giving her all from start to finish with passion, vitality and knowledge.  Everyone was up dancing in the room during her lecture and all we had spoken were fired up for the following days competition. 

She spoke about being an individual and not a copy, an interesting fact she mentioned about Australian dancers was; at the time before the internet, no one knew what your opposition was like, what they were working on, how they were progressing and what they were inventing.  Karen spoke of the Australians back in that time having the “Australian Roar” as she put it and mentioned that Australia was always a threat and could be quite intimidating with what they could produce.  In today’s dancing, she said Australia has lost it’s ROAR and has been moulded to be more of the followers in the world and not so much the individuals.  She really wanted to get across that she and many others wanted that Australian Roar to make a return.  A very interesting statement from her indeed.

Anthony & Karen were brilliant in their lectures and for those that missed this opportunity, you really missed something special.  To both Karen and Anthony, thank you for being so passionate about what we all do and giving all in attendance the knowledge to go further in their own dancing.

Day 2 saw the dancing fraternity in Melbourne head to the magnificent Plaza Ballroom in Collins Street Melbourne for the 2nd Outside CHANGE Cup and Freedom To Dane Ball.  An early start with the first event kicking off at 8.30am sharp meant a full crowd was in attendance from the start of the day setting a wonderful atmosphere in what is already a ballroom that is filled with it’s own magic.

An event like this cannot run without the help of businesses and sponsors, the sponsors who supported this year were;

Dance On Us, Harmony Dance Studios – Singapore

Su & Co International

Albedor Industries


Australian Dancing Society

Crown International Dance Association

Embody Dancewear

Frock UP Dancewear

Warehouse Fullfilment Distribution Solutions

Kerrie Rollls Bourke Photography

Feather Finish Photography

Thank you each and everyone of you who supported the event and we look forward to having you all on board again for 2018.

Adjudicators for this years’ Outside Change Cup were as follows;

United Kingdom: Anthony Hurley & Karen Hardy

Italy: Luka Fanni

Singapore: John Tan

New Zealand: Viktoria Morgan

Queensland: Natalie Perry, Ross Heidke

New South Wales: Adele Hyland, Brad Dawes, Stefano Olivieri

South Australia: Madeleine Zoanetti

Victoria: Adam Blakey, Anna Longmore, Anita McGrath, Brent Olifent, Julie Jones, Kerry Clarke, Kym Smith, Lecia Putland, Meagen Alderton and Larry Clarke as Chairman.

All had the task of choosing the 2017 champions with some events being extremely close which all makes for great competition.  This year the C & B Grade events were combined making a Rising Star event, this was received very well with some of the events having a round, semi and final with the feedback being that they enjoyed having more people to compete against in their event. 

When the competitors picked up their back numbers at the numbers table, they were given 1 complimentary souvenir program per number for them to keep as a token of thanks from the organisers. 

Music for the day and evening was played by the fabulous Russell Mayberry of Dynamic Dance Sound who played some brilliant music throughout the day and evening, even playing Blackpool Music for the Adult Open Ballroom and Latin rounds and finals which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Day compere’s were done by the Outside CHANGE Cup organisers, Jason Beaman & Erin Aspinall who kept the day running very smoothly and finishing ahead of time giving the venue plenty of time to set up for the Freedom To Dance Ball.

During the day session, there were some couples who really caught our attention and feel we should make mention of them, they were;

Tom & Amy Sedawie in the Adult Rising Star New Vogue event.  Tom & Amy have shown incredible improvement in the New Vogue style and really challenged the couples ahead of them in this final.  Tom has a lovely musical feel to his dancing and Amy follows his every move very well. 

Nathan Derfi & Sarah Angeloni, winners of the Adult Rising Star Latin on their first outing together showing some passion in what they did.  They looked so happy to be on the competition floor and were hungry for a great result.  The partnership is still very new however, they certainly came out with all guns blazing and you could  not miss them.  Well done on a great result.

Michael Fryer-Watson & Lane Findlay also danced their first competition in the Youth Rising Star and Open Ballroom events.  More consistency is needed for them to start challenging the couples above them and would like to see Lane allow Michael to dance her much more and for Michael to dance to his lady more.  We also felt some of their choreography was too busy not allowing them the time to show off what they can really do.  As this is a new partnership, it will take time but more attention to the basic actions will allow this to happen. A very promising partnership with the potential to go on to great things.

Nicholas Mountain & Sasha Puanovic (New Zealand), the current New Zealand Youth and Adult Open Ballroom Champions.  Winning the Youth Ballroom and placing 3rd in the Adult Open here at the OC Cup.  They were clear winners of the Youth event not being challenged at all in our eyes in this event.  In the Adult Open Ballroom they really challenged the two couples ahead of them and would not have been surprised if they had been given the runners up position.  A great couple, wonderful ambassadors for New Zealand and thank you for making the trip to Melbourne.

Jovan Tan & Joan Danielle Ongchoco (Singapore) who danced their final competition together here in Melbourne and really put in a strong performance in the Adult Rising Star Ballroom.  We felt they were unlucky not to have taken out the title but unfortunately had to settle for the runners up position.  They are tall and striking on the floor and really have the potential to go on to great things.  We hope they are both back on the competition floor again soon.

Jack Johnson & Joanne de Jager (Western Australia), we must say thank you to Jack & Joanne for travelling on the red eye from Perth to dance at the Outside Change Cup.  They competed in Perth at the Night Of Stars the night before and caught the midnight flight just to compete for us in Melbourne.  They put in a great performance challenging for the win from start to finish.  We also want to wish them the very best of luck in their new endeavours as Professional competitors, they will be great ambassadors in the Professional ranks for both Western Australia and the Australian dancing community.

Nicholas Garcia & Sandra Yeow (Singapore) who competed and won the 2, 3, 4 & 5 Dance Pro/Am Latin events with some excellent dancing in all the Latin rhythms.  Sandra has obviously worked very hard in the Latin style to achieve very good technical skills and body rhythms and really kept up with Nicholas very well.  Thank you both for making the trip to Melbourne for  us.

The Freedom To Dance Ball doors reopened at 6pm with the organisers Jason & Erin greeting everyone who was attending the Ball at the front doors.  Everyone dressed in their finest Black Tie Formal wear made their way down the beautiful staircase and at the doors to the actual Ballroom were greeted by the Plaza ballroom Staff with complimentary Wine, Sparkling and Soft Drinks.  Once everyone had a hold of their welcome drink, they headed to their tables where the canape’s were all set, a nice touch which really set the scene for the night ahead.

The great value of $200 per ticket included the following; Day entry into the Outside Change Cup, Freedom To Dance Ball entry, 3 course Dinner, 5 hour drinks package with the choice of 3 White Wines, 3 Red Wines, 3 different Beers & Soft Drinks.  Great entertainment from some of the Grand Finals and plenty of social dancing which seemed to be a huge hit with so many.  It also gave everyone in the industry to have a chance to catch up with old and new friends and fellow competitors and peers. 

The Adjudicators and VIP Sponsors were greeted at their tables by some personalised gifts, beautiful caricature hand painted glasses for them to take away and remember the 2nd Outside Change Cup and Freedom To Dance Ball.  Everyone in attendance at the Ball also received a complimentary program on their seat at their table.

The official proceedings started with MC’s Laurie & Dianne Peterson introducing the Adjudicators to the floor and also introducing the VIP guests and sponsors.  After the Adjudicators photo, it was on with the first of 5 finals.

The first final to take the floor was the Adult Open New Vogue, each couple were introduced to the floor and directly after the final the Presentation was done and an honour dance performed by the champions who defended their title from 2016, Crawford Hill & Monique Savill.  Crawford & Monique received 41 of the possible 45 first place markings in this final, this was a very good and convincing win for them demonstrating a musical and individual approach to the New Vogue dances.

Runners up went to the New South Wales Champions of Cameron May & Emma O’Reilly followed into third by Joe Mallaby & Helen Coker from Victoria.

4th. Justin Bourke & Lori McTaggart

5th. Simon Browne & Angela Schumann

6th. Jaxon Putland & Nicola Foxwell.

The second event of the night was the Masters 1 Open Latin final with the winners being Paul Zaidman & Anna Selleck who also got the chance to perform an honours dance.  In the runners up position were Sean Heiford & Sharron Weight with Dean Anderson & Danielle Devine taking out 3rd place and Frank Sorrentino & May Ker in 4th.  Interesting to not e that the first 3 couples all received first place markings from the judges with all of them showing some great patches of dancing throughout. 

The next event was the Professional Ballroom with 3 couples taking the floor with the winners being Victorians David Rozycki & Sarah Whiter who also won the DanceSurance Outside CHANGE Cup Perpetual Trophy by winning their event with greatest number of first places at the Freedom To Dance Ball.

Runners up from Queensland were Blair Petterd & Jessie Wong who also won the Professional New Vogue champions earlier in the day.

3rd place went to Barry & Vanessa Davy (Victoria)

After David & Sarah’s honour dance it was straight on to the next final.

Masters 2 Open New Vogue with 6 couples making the final and being introduced to the floor.  The winners by winning all 5 dances were Steve Winzar & Helen Karatja (Victoria) and after receiving their trophies gave a lovely honours dance which they enjoyed immensely.

Runners up from Sydney were Ian Wadsley & Anna Zhang and into 3rd were Donald Hew & Lily Burton.

4th. Peter Verdolini & Susan Sun

5th. John Dinsdale & Glenys Williams

6th. Craig Gobbi & Leigh Sullivan

The final event in the first of finals was the Pro/Teacher & Student 4 Dance Ballroom, 7 Teachers and their students made their way on to the floor with the eventual winners being Michael Glikman with his student Christine Campbell from New South Wales,  2nd place went to Egor Kuznetsov & his student Anna Zhang also from New South Wales and 3rd place went to  Queenslanders Richard Perry and his pupil Michelle Cummins.

4th. Tatyana Ostapovich with Kevin Keurntjes

5th. Michael Tomkins with Nikita Fisher

6th. Shane Lawton with Yan Li

7th. Kevin Morellini with Joanne Neil (Queensland)

The Grand Finals paused while entrée was being served which was absolutely delicious, while the entrée was being enjoyed by all in attendance the next group of finals were preparing to take the floor.

Adult Open Ballroom took to the floor and the eventual winners were Julian Tsotsos & Sheree Selemba who won 4 of the 5 dances being placed 2nd in Slow Foxtrot.

Runners up went to Demitri Meyers & Emily Zhang who won the Slow Foxtrot and were 2nd in the other dances. 

3rd place went to the New Zealand Champions of Nicholas Mountain & Sasha Paunovic by being 3rd in Waltz, Tango and Slow Foxtrot, 5th in Viennese Waltz and 4th in Quickstep.

4th. Jonathan Fox & Yumiko Nishiyama

5th. Cameron May & Emma O’Reilly (New South Wales)

6th. Timothy Cole & Francesca Vocisano

The Pro/Teacher & Student 5 Dance New Vogue final was the next event to take the floor with 7 couples once again competing.

1st. Shane Lawton & Marion Chan 2,1,1,1,1.

2nd. Jacob Grech & Mei Jiang 1,2,2,2,2.

3rd. Michael Tomkins & Nikita Fisher 3,3,3,4,4.

4th. Stefano Olivieri & Zoya Ivachoff (New South Wales) 4,4,4,3,3.

5th. Leighton Stevenson & Jennifer Jones 5,5,5,5,5.

6th. Mark Gadsden & Sharon Densley 6,6,6,7,7.

7th. Faenza Wanoa & Takako Sutherland (New Zealand) 7,7,7,6,6.

The next event to move forward was the hotly contested Professional Latin Championship.  Just 3 couples took the floor but what a close event it was.

The ventual winners and retaining the title they won in 2016 were, Craig Monley & Sriani Argaet who placed 2nd in Cha Cha, and 1st in the remaining 4 dances.

Runners up were from New South Wales in Laurence Moldavsky & Christina Pavlakis who won the Cha Cha and were 2nd in the remaining 4 dances. 

3rd place went to our wonderful visitors from New Zealand, Daniel & Kirstin Wilks who also placed in the Professional New Vogue earlier in the day.

The Masters 1 Open Ballroom was the next final to grace the floor with the winners being Jonathan Fox & Yumiko Nishiyama who also had just placed 4th in the Adult Open Ballroom, a great result for them indeed.

2nd place went to Daniel Moloney & Carmen Morris 3,2,2,2,2.

3rd. Dean Anderson & Danielle Devine 2,4,3,3,3.

4th. Michael & Roslyn Cocks 4,3,4,4,4.

5th. Peter McIver & Karan Bartlett 7,5,5,5,5.

6th. Kevin Keurntjes & Grace Leong 6,7,6,6,6.

7th. David & Susanne Stokol 5,6,7,7,7.

The final event of the evening was the Adult Open Latin, what a way to end the competition part of the Outside Change Cup and Freedom to Dance Ball.  The champions for 207 and holding on to their title were Lyu Masuda & Siobhan Power by winning Cha Cha, Samba, Paso Doble & Jive and placing 2nd in Rumba.

Runners Up from Western Australia, Jack Johnson & Joanne de Jager winning the Rumba and placing 2nd in the remaining dances.

3rd. Demitri Meyers & Emily Zhang who placed 3rd in all 5 dances

4th. Justin Rafol & Lilli-Grace Brennan 4th Cha Cha, 6th samba, 5th Rumba, 4th Paso Doble & Jive

5th. Jessie & Ali Simpson 5th in Cha, Samba, Paso & Jive and 6th in Rumba.

6th. Timothy Cole & Francesca Vocisano who placed 4th in Samba and Rumba and 6th in the remaining dances.

Directly after the Honour Dance performed by Lyu & Siobhan it was on to the final presentation or formality of the evenign, that being the 2017 Lady Of Elegance Award which was sponsored by Anna Longmore who won the first Lady Of Elegance Award at the very first Freedom To Dance event in London.  This event was judged and chosen solely by our international visitor, Karen Hardy and her winner was Monique Savill.  Monique won some beautiful Diamond Swarovski jewellery and was presented by Karen Hardy.

Main course was now being served and directly after that the night went straight into social dancing and everyone having  the chance to catch up and enjoy the evening.

If you want to enquire about the 3rd Outside CHANGE Cup and Freedom To Dance Ball 2018, you can drop us an email at or for more information.

To our wonderful support crew of Brent Olifent, Anna Longmore, Jenni Pedersen, Lorraine Pickvance, Natalie Chadderton, Rebecca Punteri, Jessica Davies, Corey Pedersen, Rebecca Toal and her team, Russell Mayberry, plus our evening MC’s Laurie & Dianne Peterson, this event could not have been possible and we look forward to doing it all again in 2018.

Below are the results from the 2nd Outside CHANGE Cup and Freedom To Dance Ball 2017.