9 times Australian Professional Ballroom Champions

Kevin Gibson & Shirley Saunderson

Kevin Gibson & Shirley Saunderson from Victoria, pictured on the right, have won the most Australian Professional Ballroom titles that we have on record. They won this prestigious title an amazing 9 times, with their first win in 1953, and their last win in 1964.

They did tie for first place twice during those year in 1957 & 1958 with New South Wales Professionals, Arthur & Linda Cornwall, who also won this event an amazing 5 times between 1955 to 1959. It must have been an exciting time in Australian dancing to have such wonderful competition. To see the history of Australia’s past champions, click on the History tab, and please remember, if you have something that you think may be useful for our history pages to update them for future generations to come, please email us at info@outsidechange.com

Picture of Kevin & Shirley was in our Outside Change file, courtesy of Natalie Lonsdale.